The Chuluun Shastir (Rock Shastra) NGO relies on support from a wide range of sources and there are many ways that you can donate to help care for and preserve the rock arts for future generations.

You can fund print publications, or electronic versions of educational materials aimed to educate the young and rock art enthusiasts the value of rock arts and petroglyphs, and the importance of protecting and preserving it for the future generation. With your donation, we will publish books, manuals, and other forms of media and reach the target audience, and report transparently.

Donate Cash: We will keep track of the money you donate transparently, and you are welcome to participate in the spending process if you wish.

Gifts: You can donate physical items to support the activities of Chuluun Shastir (Rock Shastra) NGO. For instance, it may be educational print materials for high school children.

Organizational donations: You may specifically support our activities or events through sponsorship. It may entail actions such as sponsoring a conference or an exhibit on rock arts and petroglyphs.

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