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Mongol Altai Rock Art

Dear readers of the album “Mongol Altai Rock Art”

Mongolia is the country in the world with richest memorials concerning history, archaeology and ethnology, particularly petroglyphs and it is noted by many national and international researchers. Indeed, there are no provinces, and even soums in Mongolia where archaeology and petroglyph memorials are not existed. 
I, from my early ages when doing the first step to take care for the sheep in pastureland, I saw many petroglyphs. At that time, I didn’t understand what the meaning of them was, but just interested. Now, I think, they were the greatest art creations which opened my young mind. 
According to research record, Mongolia has about 500 places with petroglyphs’ memorials. However, publications by Mongolian Academy of Science say that very few of them have been studied and introduced into research.
Therefore, it is highly required to do systematic study, to record, to document, to create consolidated database, to preserve, to protect archaeology memorials, particularly petroglyphs with consideration as important and inimitable heritage of history, culture and arts. Also it is an issue of expediency, because petroglyphs are under the danger of being waded and destroyed due to direct and indirect influence of many factors as nature, weather, humans, and the development of industry, mines, techniques and technology, and construction of roads. So, it is highly recommended for citizens’ initiatives, NGOs, local governance organizations, mass media, cultural and educational institutions in cooperation with scientific institutions to participate in protection and study works. And it is the issue of great importance concerned with all society and every person’s responsibility, consciousness and duty. There is no present without past and no future without present, so why I believe that everyone will do his best to protect history and culture memorials of the country. Petroglyphs are the shining monument of spiritual development of humankind, and sacred and inimitable creation keeping the essence of nomadic civilization. 
Every Mongolian be brightening the prosperous future by being proud of the history of the ancestors and by knowing national culture. 

President of Mongolia H.E. Mongoliin Tsakhiagiin ELBEGDORJ