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A million days of Mongolia - book published

Mongolia is rich in remains of rock paintings and the rock paintings attract world attention with its design, composition and cultural and historical values.

A photo exhibition of petroglyphs entitled ‘Million Days of Mongolia’ which tell about nomads’ culture, their mental change and Mongolian history dating back 17-18 thousand years, opened on April 24, in the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery. 

At the exhibition more than 130 photos have been displayed out of 3000 photos taken by Mr. B.Bayar in Bayan-Ulgii, Gobi-Altai, Umnugobi, Sukhbaatar, Khentii and Arkhangai aimags.

At the initiative of the President of ‘Chuluun Shastir’ NGO P.Tsagaan, the exhibition was co-organized by ‘Steppe Publishing’ Company, ‘Semuun’ studio and the Arts Council of Mongolia with aims to protect the art immortalized on the rock and to publicize it.

Synchro: P.Tsagaan, President of ‘Chuluun Shastir’ NGO.

“The rock paintings could be a unique tourism product and a leverage to the development when they are properly preserved and put into research circulation”

“Rock painting is an art work code transmitted to us expressing dream, omen and mental world of generations of people living in this land from thousands of years ago until today. It is an invaluable heritage not only to Mongolians but also to humankind. If one observes rock paintings carefully, it contains everything such as happiness, sadness, livelihood and culture. We have to proud of it” said director B.Bayar.